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SEO is an art. Everyone knows Google guidelines need to be followed whilst trying to generate top quality back-links and high quality content. Then why doesn't every website rank brilliantly on Google? Because there's much more to SEO than just that.

Whoever works smartest on content and hardest on building relationships wins. Ranking #1 for "online roulette" wasn't easy, neither was ranking #1 for "Dubai holidays" or "Best 22 inch TV". We got there by working harder and smarter than our competition. Oh and #1 for "central London hotels", "online casino", "non toxic cribs", "dance classes", "Indian catering" and "TV dimensions" too ;)

We are known for the rankings we have achieved for our clients. At Modulus Systems, we understand the Google algorithm and stay up to date with changes. That's what we do best - SEO!

Organic Search

Despite the new paid ads taking up almost all possible space before the fold, organic or non-paid search still commands over 55% visits on Google. You cannot underplay the importance of organic search.

Combined with local search and brand searches, organic search rankings improve over time. 

On-Page SEO

Make your content easily accessible to search engines. Our team has years of experience in handling 301s, canonicalisation, multi-lingual websites, markups, 404 pages, redirects, moving sites to new platforms and working on on-page ranking factors such as headlines, titles, descriptions, internal linking and user heat-maps.

Links & Citations

Links were, are and will be the single most important ranking factor for Google search. Building links requires publishing extra-ordinary content on the website and then reaching out to newspapers, bloggers and relevant websites for accreditation. We pick up the phone and make the news happen. Internal linking plays an important part too.

Search rankings work on recommendations. If a lot of important websites talk about you because you have something good to offer, Google takes that as a major ranking signal. Along with links, citations or brand mentions count too. Our team at Modulus Systems excels at developing content strategies that make our clients visible to the movers and shakers of the Internet. 

Some of our clients are businesses that make 100% of their sales online, some have multi-branch outlets, some have an e-commerce website and a store etc. Organic search rankings work for everyone. In some online markets, the long tail keywords are very diverse making SEO essential for success. We use white hat strategies and work on each ranking factor until our clients reach the top.


clients saw increase in revenue from organic search. Some saw an increase of 200%.


of our clients rely solely on organic search to run their businesses.

1 year

is how long it takes for a big SEO strategy to show great results


more engagement on client websites from organic search.

Keyword Research / Strategy

Success of an SEO company depends on the team that researches keywords and competition. The challenge is to identify keywords that help clients increase revenues and are medium/low competition at the same time. For new sites, there's the sandbox and for older domains there's extensive competitor research.

Monitoring and Reporting

Online marketing experts at Modulus Systems keep a track of rankings, engagement, click through rates and conversions and report progress to clients periodically. We actively monitor title texts to maximise click through rates.

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