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Is your business visible to users on the go? Mobile has changed the Internet and it's just started.

Your potential customers are searching for solutions to their problems on the go, every minute of the day. Many use popular apps like Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, others use mobile web browsers on their smart phones. There's a lot that businesses can do to make sure they're visible at the right mobile micro-moment. With mobile surpassing desktop traffic, it is imperative that your search marketing company has every aspect of mobile browsing covered and that your brand is visible to mobile users every step of the way.

Have you noticed how ads on your mobile phone often talk about businesses in your area? Platforms like Facebook even allow you to run ads based on the phone model or phone type. So say you're an iPhone repair shop, you can target only iPhone users. If your Gym business has an Android app, you can target Android users interested in fitness to download your app. The possibilities are endless and there are possibilities for every business type.

Our job as your mobile marketing consultants is to make sure that your brand is available to mobile users in every way, shape or form possible. Our SEO is done with mobile goals in mind and our clients' websites rank superbly on mobile. That is because we make sure the information is mobile friendly and harnesses every mobile opportunity.


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Websites Still Mobile Un-Friendly

Users see websites differently on mobile. The smaller screen size means that the most important bits should appear more prominently. That coupled with maximum mobile visibility is the key to success on mobile. Is your business mobile ready?

Responsive Design

We start by making sure search engines know you have a website optimised for mobile. Search engines show mobile friendly sites higher on mobile searches.

Targeting on the Go

Your mobile website then needs to be present when your clients want your services or products. We target mobile users at the right micro-moment.

Mobile PPC

There are ample opportunities with Google, other search engines and social media platforms to promote products and services on the go. Our campaigns are carefully curated to show your business when your clients need you the most.

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