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If your business has physical presence and customers live or search within a certain area, then you need Local search visibility. There are various ways to do that.

We've seen Google maps results show up for local searches, haven't we? Say you're searching for "estate agents in Belgravia", you will see local estate agencies in Belgravia right on top of the page on a small map. Not only that, when advertising on Google or social media you can choose your ad to be shown to customers who are searching from a physical location. If you need local presence, we have a wide variety of ways to make your business visible locally.

At Modulus Systems Europe Ltd we understand the power of local presence. We've seen businesses build on the power of local search. Organic local search prowess comes with being well known locally. We get you local mentions and use all possible avenues to have your business displayed prominently. So next time someone near you searches for a service that you offer, rest assured, your brand WILL be visible.

Ad platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook and Bing allow displaying your ads within a certain mile radius of a postcode. They have advanced options like targeting people who're "interested in" a certain area, even if they're not physically present there. Say for example, you're helping a friend find a good accountant in London, but you're in Manchester; relevant accountancy firms should still show up right? Our marketing is centered around finding your business the most relevant user.



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People search for local businesses continuously on their smartphones. A business that's 100% ready for local search will have a presence on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet. Being Google Partners, we understand how to optimise visibility across all platforms. So next time someone close to you searches for a service that you offer, we'll make sure your website appears on their device.

Local search will become more powerful in the time to come. Google displays businesses on top organically on local search if the businesses have local connections and reviews. We get your business talked about locally. It is a slow process to make your business an authority in your area. Brands that we've marketed locally including dance classes in Delhi by Delhi Dance Academy have received 100,000+ local views and 10s of thousands of direction results to their physical premises.

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