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Starting with Brand registry to shipping, product listing, listing optimisation, selling, advertising and getting reviews, our Amazon consultants can help your business build a phenomenal Amazon presence.


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Every so often we meet innovators and manufacturers who have excellent products but not enough marketing channels to sell them. Amazon provides the platform to sky-rocket your product sales even as an independent brand.


It is not always possible to get a product into a Tesco or Sainsbury, but no one's stopping you from selling on Amazon. We have been at the forefront of this Amazon revolution and have created successful brands on Amazon US and Amazon Europe.


We are an all services Amazon marketing agency that handle everything from start to end when it comes to selling on Amazon.

Amazon FBA

Fulfilled by Amazon is a God-sent for tens of thousands of product businesses. Amazon FBA completely eliminates the logistic side of things for small/medium businesses. FBA products are listed as Amazon Prime products (with next day delivery).


You send your products to the Amazon warehouse and they take care of all orders, shipping and returns so you can concentrate on building a great product.


With Amazon US sales touching a Billion US dollars and Europe (including UK) a quarter of that, you can't afford not to be on this rapidly growing marketplace. 



Amazon SEO and Paid Ads

Users search for products on Amazon - they see some paid listings and some organic listings.


Paid listings are managed within the Amazon Seller Central and organic listings are built over time. A combination of both is important to reach high sales volumes. Organic SEO listings within Amazon are obtained as a result of people buying the product by searching for a keyphrase.


If the sale happens, Amazon connects that keyword to the product - the more the sales for a particular keyword, the higher the organic ranking. Another ranking signal is sales happening from traffic that originates from outside of Amazon (say from an affiliate site or another site that recommends your product).

Setting up the business on Amazon, registering your brand and taking care of the accounting and taxes is not easy for a first-timer.


Creating shipments, attaching labels to individual products and then to cartons can be challenging. Once your product reaches the Amazon warehouses, it needs to be promoted by creating offers, giving it away for low prices for people to test your product and write reviews.


Once that happens, the product needs to be advertised on Amazon so more people will buy. This complete cycle takes time and experience.


We have done it multiple times for UK businesses and can help you get selling on Amazon. 

Once you're an established brand on Amazon, it can pave the way to becoming a massive brand. Amazon can give you the initial market research data and sales. When you're ready to pitch to the big supermarkets, the sales data from Amazon helps! 


Amazon is also a brilliant marketplace for innovative ideas and we've seen brands built into multi-million dollar businesses through Amazon FBA starts. 


In Europe, Amazon has an integrated European marketplace. This means with FBA, you can start selling on Amazon Germany, France, Spain, Italy and others by registering for Amazon FBA in UK.


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Selling on the Amazon US and European marketplaces doesn't stop at listing the products on Amazon, getting reviews, sales volume and advertising. Rankings of products on Amazon depend on sales volumes paired with what the user searched for before buying the product. 


Externally, this can be accentuated by forming partnerships with affiliates and promoting Amazon listings on social media and search engines. With our network of multi affiliate sites across the US and UK, we have the edge when it comes to promoting your Amazon store externally.

Amazon, combined with other marketplaces like Etsy (which is more for customised and hand-made products) or Ebay (mostly for self-fulfilled products) have changed the way business is done online. 


Amazon Sponsored Ads are a great way to kick-start selling on Amazon immediately. They report the ACOS or advertisement cost of sales - that tells you what percentage of the product price was paid in ads to make that sale happen. Trying new keywords, researching keywords on popular Amazon keyword tools and continuous listing optimization are the key to success with sponsored ads on Amazon.

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