Von Maur Case Study

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Von Maur is a leading department store chain in the US with 31 high-end department stores. Von Maur had a lot of branded traffic, but the site was not performing at par with other national brands on Google. Modulus Systems Europe Ltd designed a comprehensive strategy that saw outstanding results.

Organic search went from under 5% to 23.4%
Organic then grew to about 35%
Organic justified the return on investment for the year
Adding the social plugins was a big success


  • To design a strategy to drive non-branded traffic and sales for generic keywords like "men's t-shirts" on Google.com.
  • To improve user experience.
  • To set up online sales reporting using Google Analytics.

Modulus Systems Europe Ltd Strategy

  • We started with the basics. We got together a technical team to help the existing team at Von Maur to improve database fetching speed. 
  • Set up Google Webmasters and e-commerce tracking on Google Analytics.
  • A quick win was to immediately put all Von Maur products on Google Shopping.
  • Created a massive link building campaign.
  • Improved user experience by reducing the number of clicks.
  • Integrated social signals on all product pages. 
  • Optimised titles, descriptions based on templates.

Results - A BIG WIN!

  • We reduced the page load times from 15 seconds + to under 4 seconds. 
  • Year on year, the website saw a traffic increase of 50.39%.
  • Year on year, the website saw revenues increase by 33.5%. We can reveal numbers here, but it was a multi-million dollar rise.
  • The link building campaign was a success. All the rise in traffic was organic (non-branded).
  • Social shares increased mani-fold. 



50.39% Rise in Traffic

33.5% Rise in Sales

Massive Brand Roar

From The Client

“Arjun was an immense help when the term “S.E.O” was the current rage. He actually flew over from the U.K. to meet with us in person. He checked in with us weekly to make sure out project was progressing satisfactorily.  He was very knowledgeable and we learned a lot on not just our project but also all the other questions we had regarding retail and marketing on the web.

Arjun delivered in every facet of our agreement and was a pleasure to work with on projects.

–  Jim von Maur, President of Von Maur Inc.”

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