TIC Finance Case Study

TIC Finance offers financial services in the UK


Where TIC Finance were:

  • TIC Finance lends money for different purposes.
  • Bridging Loans, Property Development Loans, Repossession Loans and other loans secured by property.
  • Had a very basic website which was not getting traffic/leads. Website was not content rich and much was left desired for.
  • The business was running successfully conventionally through referrals.
  • TIC Finance were starting to feel the pinch.

Enquiries were dwindling, staff needed more leads and business was not expanding. - Modulus Systems Europe Ltd were brought onboard to help.

Achieved a Click Through Rate of 0.09% generating a number of new sales
In the first month of activity the Cost Per Action was reduced by 20%
Return on Investment of 272%
Social shares by network

Challenges Were:

  • To get leads for TIC Finance which is in a very specialized domain of financial services.
  • To build a reputation around TIC Finance as experts in their field.
  • To explore unique strategies in order to get more customers for these specialized financial services.
  • In short - They needed more leads.


Our Strategy - Part 1 - Initiation

  • We started by redoing the TIC Finance website. Changed the user interface completely, created different sections for different products, updated all content and put in place high-end backend systems to manage the website.
  • Kickstarted a Google Adwords campaign targeting people looking for repossession loans and finance for repossession etc. and sending them to the repossession page of the website.

Achievements from Part 1 Strategy

  • The adwords campaign straightaway started getting customers.
  • TIC Finance got 6 new inquiries in the first month, each of which was of very high value to the company.

Our Strategy - Part 2 - Digging Deeper

  • We realized that many people don’t really know that they can get a loan if their property is being repossessed.
  • Prospective customers are searching for things like “help, my property is getting repossessed”, “how can i stop my home from getting repossessed”, “how to stop repossession”, “legal advice on repossession” etc. - We started including such keywords in our campaigns.

Achievements from Part 2

  • There was a significant increase in the number of inquiries.
  • TIC Finance received 14 inquiries in the 2nd month as compared to 6 in the previous month.

Our Strategy - Part 3 - User Experience

  • We started delving further into the user experience when a customer searches and reaches the TIC Finance website.
  • We realized that we could make our message more targeted and started sending users to a landing page instead of the TIC Finance website.
  • The landing page had a very direct message, was speaking only about repossession loans, there were no external links anywhere, showed exactly what the customer wanted to see and had a very straight forward call-to-action.

Achievements from Part 3

  • We saw a massive increase in our Click-Through-Rate (CTR) with dynamic keyword insertion. Our conversion rates increased with landing pages.
  • TIC Finance received 28 inquiries as compared to 14 and 6 in the previous months.

Our Strategy - Part 4 - Optimizing

  • We started thinking of ways to connect further with prospective customers and started exploring even more general search patterns of prospective customers.
  • We realized people may also search for things like “how many months before i get repossessed” or “how many houses got repossessed in the UK in 2016” or “form no XYZ”.
  • All along, we focussed on search queries which we were sure would only be searched by people going through a repossession.

Achievements from Part 4

  • We saw a further increase in our conversions.
  • TIC Finance received 48 inquiries in a month as compared to 28, 14 and 6 in the previous months.
  • Online leads and enquiries generated via phone and contact forms were tracked.
  • 8 waves of negative keyword insertion, regular search term analysis and a close eye on quality scores led Modulus Systems Europe Ltd to also lower the cost per lead to 1/3rd the cost in the first month.

Our Strategy - Part 5 - Thought Leadership

  • Looking at the success of our paid marketing campaign, TIC Finance asked Modulus Systems Europe Ltd to also handle the organic marketing considering that organic results get 65% of all traffic.
  • We started digging deeper into the entire search lifecycle of anyone undergoing repossession.
  • From receiving a letter from the financial institution informing about payment arrears to getting a notice to exploring all the different options including selling the property, taking legal advice, asking for a voluntary repossession or taking a loan.
  • We started creating content around all these aspects which started promoting TIC Finance as a Thought Leader in the field of Repossession Loans.

Overall Results for TIC Finance (11 months)

  • A large number of new leads every month from our Adwords and SEO campaigns, each of which is very valuable to our client.
  •  A credible/authoritative standing in the market as a thought leader/news producer and a trusted provided of these financial services.

6.09% CTR

70% less CPA

1272% ROI


Our online marketing continues to bring more prospective business to TIC Finance and our thought leadership program is making TIC Finance a genuine authority in the field of Repossession Loans which is influencing opinions and getting ever increasing organic traffic. All this is fueled by traffic originating from organic and paid search.

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