Von Maur

Founded in 1872, Von Maur is a big department store chain in the US. They have 31 state of the art department stores that can be equated somewhat to the quality and style we see at Debenhams in the UK.

Modulus Systems Europe Ltd worked on their online marketing with superb results. The overall year on year traffic went up 50.39% which resulted in the overall e-commerce transactions increasing by 33.5 percent.

How we achieved it?

  1. Added all inventory to Google shopping.
  2. Worked on the code and increased the speed by working with the internal team.
  3. Massive link building campaign.
  4. Hundreds of thousands of bugs removed using the Google webmaster console.
  5. Added social media plugins and encouraged shopping shares.
  6. Implemented Google Analytics Shopping and E-commerce.

Client Feedback:

Arjun was an immense help when the term “S.E.O” was the current rage. He actually flew over from the U.K. to meet with us in person. He checked in with us weekly to make sure out project was progressing satisfactorily.  He was very knowledgeable and we learned a lot on not just our project but also all the other questions we had regarding retail and marketing on the web.

Arjun delivered in every facet of our agreement and was a pleasure to work with on projects.

–  Jim von Maur, President of Von Maur Inc.

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